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  • Description

    Socks UNITED: we are stronger 🇺🇦

    UNIT.City x O(FourFour) limited edition socks UNITED.

    Each pair of UNITED socks is a special daily accessory. Handles on magnets symbolize unity, protection, and support.

    By buying UNITED socks, you become a part of our community and help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    100% will be directed towards purchasing a vehicle for the Azov brigade. Each of your contributions will be another step towards victory. Support for our defenders.

    Join UNITED. Your support is important. Together we are stronger!

  • Details

    – high socks
    – magnetic handles
    – 78% cotton, 17% polyamide, 5% elastane

  • Care

    – separate delicate machine wash below 40 degrees
    – low spin cycle
    – do not bleach or use stain removers. we recommend using neutral detergents

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