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  • Description

    sky longsleeve – basic longsleeve in the color of a cloudless morning sky. the item is branded with a logo and the name of the drop, with a subtle accent featuring non-standard placement.

    (o)fourfour long sleeves are undisputed bestsellers, and this time we’ve created an even lighter version with expanded vision through new colors.

    the sky long sleeve is dyed with specially selected pantone color that complements various clothing categories, making it easy to create monochromatic or accented outfits.

    this item sits at the intersection of basics, urban wear, and sportswear. the long sleeve with cuffs adds versatility, serving as either a primary garment or an additional layer.

    crafted from lightweight natural cotton with a focus on maximum comfort.

  • Details

    – composition: 95% cotton 5% elastane
    – free cut
    – longsleeve raglan
    – silk screen printing on the side
    – dyed with a special pantone

  • Care

    – Hand or machine wash with water temperature up to 40ºC
    – Low spin intensity
    – Do not bleach
    – Wash with fabric softener
    – Gentle tumble drying at low temperature of 60ºC
    – Ironing at temperatures up to 110ºC

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