the INDRA vest with its slightly silvery cosmic gray color and very soft 60% polyester and 40% cotton fabric filled with biosynthetic down is made to provide that additional layer of warmth and comfort underneath your outerwear for the coming winter. it is inspired by military plate carriers, and the plethora of its utilitarian features, such as the big pouch, additional pockets, drawstrings, and zippers, match the elegant complexity of its appearance. bearing the name of the supreme Indian deity with an allusion to the Latin ‘intra’ meaning ‘within’, it is designed to become your close ally in resisting the cold of the winter months

the OBU cargo pants are our homage to the current nationwide grassroots volunteering movement. robust and expressly utilitarian with the sturdy blue-shaded gray 100% cotton fabric, tight and comfortable ergonomic cut, and multiple handy pockets, this item is another notable extension to our range, marking our first foray into workwear


the ORI pants boast one of the most complex architectures we have ever produced, with their curved structural elements folding like origami with the bending of the knees, their unconventionally cut pockets, drawstrings, and secure two-layered elastic waist. the very light and fluidly cascading Italian fabric in the calm sage gray color has a soft mesh underneath to truly make ORI as comfortable as they look. in addition to the origami reference, ‘ori’ also means ‘two’ in Georgian, which is humorously fitting for pants

the GAIA fleece hoodie is as cozy as you would expect from the combination of its roomy cut, Polarteс® fabric, drawstrings, and hand-warming pockets. the neutral gray main color references koala fur, the muted army green is a respectful nod to the defenders of our homeland, and the sky blue stitching binds the two together. all in all, named after the ancient Greek personification of our Earth, GAIA can be said to make for a peaceful eco-warrior uniform


the RESS sweater is our first woven item, which makes it another noteworthy extension of our area of expertise. the warm light gray color of RESS reveals a bright tropical greenish yellow with the stretching of the intricately woven Italian yarn. the sweater is named almost exactly like the first track of Autechre’s tenth album, being as organic in its architecture and feel as the sound of that record

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