We are constantly developing and improving both in terms of cut and fabrics, which allows us to remain dynamic and regularly offer new optimal items to our customers. 

However, OFourFour production is always based on the same principles that support our wish to have a positive impact on the planet while providing a unique design solution.

Choice of materials

We select materials that use pre-consumer recycled feedstock and ecological alternatives to existing synthetic fabrics.


We turn our attention to the fabrics that can be further processed or even composted like plant-based foam Yulex Pure®.


We aim to create products that remain relevant throughout multiple seasons.

We construct our items to stay relevant as a person’s physical size changes and design them to outlive and integrate with trends.


Keeping in mind the principle of versatility, we choose materials and create the structure of every item to prolong its durability, that is to say, to create a product that will adjust and last as the user grows.

We test our items on fittings, on us, and sportspeople with specific demands.

We are also happy to explain product care to encourage longer use of every item. To see it, please visit Garment Care.

Qualified local workforce

To revive and popularize the profession of a seamstress in Ukraine is our great goal and desire. We collaborate with local masters and craftspeople, who get paid decently and according to their contribution. 

Our production has honorable working conditions and uses world-class technologies.

At the same time, we keep it small and local, rejecting immense warehouses and unnecessary waste.

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