O(FourFour) has values, and that’s what we are guided by when developing new products. a) people. without people, team, production and our customers, none of this would have happened. that’s why we work to evoke emotions. b) aesthetic independence. our designer Masha calls it “unapologetic style”, because each item can live independently, without reference to time, trends, event, specific sport, etc. c) «life expectancy» of our items. we want them to be long-livers, so we pay attention to everything: the quality of materials, workmanship, rethinking and improvement of whatis still improvable.d) mission. our items are not accidental. every bodysuit or rashguard has a mission: to inspire, to help, to add courage to try something new, to feel. e) sustainability. we want to do things that don’t harm the planet or others. our choice of materials – like regenerated nylon ECONYL, from which our sportswear is made. this material is made from ocean waste and landfills and demonstrates our global position – conscious consumption and integration into the environment.

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