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  • Description

    the VORTEX STONE black raglan t-shirt is a decisively simple, aesthetically pure item. made of 100% high-quality thick and soft organic cotton, it features our logo on the front and a vortexual shape created by the Ukrainian designer Volodymyr Havrysh on the back, both screen printed in a solid stony gray color with a barely noticeable olive tint. it is up to you to decide if the vortex is a whirlpool or a whirlwind, whether there is a hidden seashell or an implied solar or planetary motif — all of these have to do with nature and, expressed through clean and crisp visual language, are definitively O(FourFour), including the space for choice and interpetation

  • Details

    – raglan loose cut
    – 250 g/m² thick and soft 100% organic cotton
    – screen printing
    – logo on the front
    – vortex design on the back

  • Care

    – separate delicate machine wash below 40 degrees
    – do not bleach or use stain removers. we recommend using neutral detergents
    – we do not recommend washing together with synthetic fabrics
    – low spin cycle

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