Chronicles of UA volunteers

Chronicles of UA volunteers and our dear friends

You all know what is going on in Ukraine right now. Since 5am 24th of February 2022 Russia has been killing the Ukrainian nation for nothing.

There is a constant need for support for the army and the armed forces of Ukraine and humanitarian support for children and the elderly, the ones who are hiding in bunkers, the people who are trapped in the blocked cities.

Each one of our team is involved in charity projects or volunteering. And in these harsh times we are looking up to the people who inspire us with their bravery, devotion and dignity.

Here they are: fighters and volunteers that we know and admire.

Ivan, physician, “Hospitallers”

This is my war because I believe in freedom and democracy

Where are you now and how do you help?

I am now working with the “Hospitallers” volunteer medical unit. I am driving a medical evacuation vehicle, helping to evacuate the wounded from the combat zone near Kyiv.

Why did you decide to start helping?

I do this because I have a medical education and experience in military medicine ever since I volunteered to work as a doctor in the 79th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2014-2015.

And in general, this is my war, because I believe in freedom, democracy and other values ​​of the civilized world, for which it seems that Western countries themselves are not really ready to fight. I can’t say that I am much of a patriot of Ukraine, but my country is now on the right side of the fight between light and darkness and it makes me infinitely happy!

What will Ukraine be like in a month?

I hope that in a month Ukraine will be free and peaceful throughout all the territories including the now occupied ones. This is a very optimistic forecast, let’s see how long it will actually take.


Leyla Tuvaklieva, volunteer in “Kyiv Volunteer”

Now I can fall asleep every day with the thought that I am doing something really important.

Where are you now and how do you help?

I’m in Kyiv. I coordinate the association of restaurants, cafes and bakeries.

We feed about 12,000 people every day. A large team of volunteers, cooks, bakers, drivers, a fairly large office. There are definitely more than 500 of us.

Why did you decide to start helping?

I can’t sit and panic. I was tired of being afraid. I really wanted to do something. When Slava Balbek and Sashko Borovsky offered to feed soldiers, it was the best day ever. Now I can fall asleep every day with the thought that I am doing something really important.

What will Ukraine be like in a month?

Ukraine will be free in a month! This is my only and main dream. I believe that in a month my family and relatives, my friends, will return to Kyiv. That my best friend will be back from the Territorial Defense. That we will be able to open our establishments, to do the usual everyday things again. And most importantly – will be able to hug each other in real life and enjoy the sun of the victory.


Alan, Territorial Defense of Kyiv

This determination is engraved in our genes

I am now in the 204th Battalion, Holosieve Territorial Defense of Kyiv. We control one of the border entrances to Kyiv. Before that, my battalion was standing near Zhulyany Airport and we were preparing to defend Kyiv against armored vehicles, but this did not happen.

We are ready to fight, but we have not experienced full-fledged combat clashes all this time – and this is an indicator of the quality of work of the Armed Forces of ukraine. And also – the result of the volunteered resistance in any form (not only soldiers but also volunteers, cyber battalions etc.), this determination is engraved in our genes.

 Why did you take up arms?

It was an automatic reaction.

First of all, I am of Kazakh origin, but a Ukrainian by oath and after graduating from the military department am an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. I came to the military enlistment office, but I was only able to get to the Territorial Defense of Kyiv operatively. But now I do not see the difference between our combat structures, we are all doing the same thing.

Secondly, I would not forgive myself the cowardice of not going to defend Ukraine voluntarily. This feature: to value what is priceless and dear – has no price (the oxymoron is intentional here, because it is meaningful). If I left Kyiv now, it would stay inside me for the rest of my life. So in a way, I made this choice for myself, for it to be easier for me to live on later.

What will Ukraine be like in a month?

We all (our whole company) hope it won’t last long.

I imagine it as a fight with the final boss. Every decade of independence we had a national challenge – the very declaration of independence, the Orange Revolution, the Revolution of Dignity, the war against the “Russian world”. I want this to be our last lesson, after which we must preserve the spirit and “bloom of the nation”, which has shown its patriotism not in words but in actions. Some components of this concept, unfortunately, are utopian, but I hope mostly good things are to stay. And our further prosperity will get us to a decisive offense, not an offense of arms but of spiritual strength. And that all will lead us to rapid national, cultural, economic and political growth. That will show who was on the side of the truth without any bullets.

Olya Babentsova, volunteer, founder of “Mates”

Our people will finally take what they have long deserved

Where are you now and how do you help?

I am now a volunteer in Kyiv. Along with the “Mates” team, which stayed in Kyiv, and the volunteers who joined us, we daily cook food for the Territorial Defense, the Armed Forces and civilians in need.

Why did you decide to start helping?

I see no other way out. I wasn’t going to go anywhere and I wasn’t going to just sit at home waiting for it to end, so that’s probably what was in store for me.

What will Ukraine be like in a month?

Ukraine will be the best country in the world, as we have deserved for many years already.

Finally, our strong and courageous nation will take its place in the world culture and economy. And Russia will remain at the bottom of their own deeds.

Now, for the first time in many years, people are not going to die for Ukraine, they are going to kill for Ukraine. Therefore, I only have the best beliefs. I believe that our people have finally earned its rights, and will take what it has long deserved.

Now our country needs support and we also call you for it. Here’s how you can help:

1. Donate to the Ukrainian Army and humanitarian help by buying a “HELP UKRAINE CARD”


2. Help Ukrainian economics by purchasing a “FUTURES CARD” by OFourFour or “SUPPORT CARD”


3. Follow Ukraine’s president @zelenskiy_official and share the truth

4. Offer a job or a place to live for a Ukrainian who had to temporarily flee


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