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  • Description

    HAIR SHAMPOO is the first stage of the concept of the flawless care concept.

    Green tea extract is responsible for active cleansing, balances the pH of the scalp, prolonging the feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Natural proteins of wheat and soy protect hair from dryness and brittleness, remove electrification, retain moisture in hair.

    Their effect is picked up by the innovative Prodew® 500 — a Japanese moisturizing factor that increases hair elasticity, restores a smooth structure and protects the color of dyed hair.

  • Details

    WILD VANILLA. Spicy warmth / wellness / another dimension

    The fragrance ℮ WILD VANILLA carries an energy boost, a floral-warm trail of oriental notes.

    How to use: Dispense the desired amount of shampoo into your palms, apply to wet scalp, gently massage the head and thoughts. Rinse along the length of the hair. Repeat for additional pleasure, better cleansing of the scalp, and hair. Apply conditioner and oil sense education. Experience a new level of softness, volume, and hair shine.

    The effect of salon-quality care. Now you can start, continue, or finish your day – with that hair you can handle anything.

  • Care

    For all hair types and colored hair

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