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  • Description

    the VORTEX YUGATA hoodie in a dusk gray color is an aesthetically pure item. made of 100% high-quality cotton, it features our logo on the front and a vortexual shape created by the Ukrainian designer Volodymyr Havrysh on the back, both screen printed in a solid stony gray color with a barely noticeable olive tint. “yugata” (夕方) means “evening” in Japanese, so the name refers to the colors and the overall style of the item, inspired by the reserved and nuanced yet confident aesthetics of Japan

  • Details

    – slightly oversized athletic cut
    – 370 g/m² midweight 100% cotton
    – roomy front pocket
    – mid-depth drawstring hood
    – screen printing
    – logo on the front
    – vortex design on the back

  • Care

    – separate delicate machine wash below 40 degrees
    – do not bleach or use stain removers. we recommend using neutral detergents
    – we do not recommend washing together with synthetic fabrics
    – low spin cycle

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