Village currant hand sanitiser

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  • Description

    With Sense Education even an excellent pureness begins with a pleasant fragrance. Perfumed Hand Sanitiser has a jelly texture and a clearly transparent colour. It adds your day one more smile while ruining microbes’ day plans. Contains D-panthenol, which moisturizes your skin and is gentle on damaged skin when, say, you shake hands with your cat, but your cat is not as polite as you.

    How to use:
    Rub a little amount of perfumed gel with your hands. Now its fragrance protects your sense of beauty, while other ingredients protect your hands against microbes. Keep smiling.

  • Details

    Village currant
    Cosiness. Summer. Family.

    Perfumed Hand Sanitiser will change your “must” to “wow”. The trick is the scent — it protects your serene mood while other ingredients protect your hands against microbes. Friendly ethanol is responsible for the antiseptic effect. Pentylene glycol, derived from tasty corn, forms a sensuous gel texture. Sepimax Zen is also an ingredient which creates a nice gel texture. Contains D-panthenol, which moisturizes, stimulates the natural production of collagen and cell regeneration, heals skin damage, reduces redness or irritation.

  • Care

    For sensuous people with all skin types

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