VATRA hand cream

490 ГРН

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  • Description

    Your handy little cloud. Will amaze you with its delicate colour of champagne. Penetrates quickly. Leaves velvet finish on your skin and an ease in your to-do list.

    How to use:
    Take a moment to be yourself. Apply by gently massaging. Click an imaginary “like” for your soft skin and sparkling thoughts.

  • Details

    VATRA journey to the mountains. fire. new car

    A handy cloud with a texture of an airy cream moisturizers, rejuvenates, leaves a pleasant scent on your skin
    Contains the finest oils and a special star guest among them – Kalahari melon oil, which regenerates and rejuvenates
    Cherry oil softens, Peach oil increases elasticity
    Mango oil stimulates collagen production
    Keeps hands moisturized, protected, and uplifts you with a scent
    Has an almost fluffy texture and a colour of playful champagne
    Inspires you to admire your every finger

  • Care

    For sensuous people with all skin types

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