SALTY FOAM perfumed soy candle

1500 ГРН

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  • Description

    A natural soy candle with a cotton wick and the scent of a pier where a yacht has just moored.

    One flick of a match changes the whole atmosphere. The home fills with hospitality, and the air becomes cozy.

    Transport your thoughts to a bonfire lit under the stars or into the inner world— the only choice that matters now. But there’s no need to hurry with it; you can linger in this slow, warm moment.

    Burn time: from 45 hours.

  • Details

    SALTY FOAM adventure. yachting. azure.

    Notes of the perfume composition: hot sand, patchouli, sea salt

    The author’s fragrance from French perfumers and the soft reflections of the fire radiate through the amber glass, purify the space and thoughts from sadness, fill it with the warmth of dreams.

    A ritual that can be kept for yourself or passed on to loved ones by giving a candle.

    Ingredients: soy wax, perfume

    Method of use: light the candle for the first time and wait until the surface is evenly covered with melted wax. When lighting a second time, cut the wick to 6 mm. Update the length of the wick before each subsequent ignition. Remove pieces of burnt wick or other foreign objects from the wax.

  • Care

    For those who appreciate comfort

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