SALTY FOAM perfumed diffuser

2200 ГРН

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  • Description

    A diffuser with a refined aroma of a pier where a yacht has just docked. The deep composition, crafted by French perfumers, evenly permeates the space, filling every corner of home serenity with invisible aesthetics. The external atmosphere harmonizes with the internal state, and vice versa. Ingredients: Organic Natural Fragrance Base (3-methoxy-3-methyl-1-butanol), Perfume, Alcohol

  • Details

    SALTY FOAM adventure. yachting. azure. Notes of the perfume composition: hot sand, patchouli, sea salt An author’s fragrance from French perfumers voluminously fills the space, delicately tuning its atmosphere. Now you can focus on the main things: feelings, relaxed moments, serious matters. Everything is in its place now. Method of use: Open the box. Dip 3-4 sticks into the aromatic liquid. After a few hours, assess the intensity of the fragrance, add or remove sticks as desired. After 14-20 days, you can refresh the fragrance intensity by flipping the sticks.

  • Care

    For those who appreciate comfort

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