Carpathian spruce body wash gel

1250 UAH

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  • Description

    This Body Wash Gel is perfect to start falling in love with your daily routine. A delicate jelly of transparent colour foams so sensually to clean and moisturize your skin. It envelopes your body with an alluring scent as well as your bathroom, and embraces your emotions in hugs of calm. How to use: Apply on damp skin and create gorgeous foam. Feel a kind foam sliding over your body and then rinse any complexity off with warm water. Only clear beauty and a Gommage with Salty Sugar remain.

  • Details

    CARPATHIAN SPRUCE wanderings birdsong dawn Incredible scent calms you and allures you to self-love Gently cleanses and moisturizes your skin Contains superb ingredients: Natural Moisturising Factors — a complex of amino acids and minerals for deep moisturization Almond oil softens and smoothes Sea salt gently cleanses Honey improves elasticity Inspires you to blow foam bubbles with your palms leisurely Precious gel of a colour as transparent as a tear of happiness.

  • Care

    For sensuous people with all skin types, even very dry

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