Carpathian spruce body lotion

950 ГРН

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  • Description

    This lotion is incredible to touch. Like a soft soufflé which penetrates quickly, moisturizes longly and embraces you with magnificent scent. You will be glad to know that this pleasure suits everywhere — at home, at a gym, on a trip. How to use: After using Body Wash Gel, apply Lotion-Soufflé on dry skin and massage gently. Feel being in your own body as cosy as at home. Your home is beautiful.

  • Details

    CARPATHIAN SPRUCE wanderings birdsong dawn Has a texture of soft soufflé and a colour of vanilla eclair to please your sensuality Penetrates quickly, moisturize as a pro, leaves a velvet finish on your skin Contains carefully selected oils, which moisturize, soften and plump your skin: Shea butter, Babassu oil, Almond oil, Peach kernel oil Leaves silky finish on your skin Almond oil intensively nourishes Inspires you to write romantic messages to own body

  • Care

    для чуттєвих людей з усіма типами шкіри, навіть з дуже сухою

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