Burnt sugar body gommage

500 ГРН

Model wears:

  • Description

    Sweet tenderness and salty efficacy. Hugs your skin with radiance and your senses — with happiness. Tempts you to fall in love with yourself.

    How to use:
    Take a deep breath, massage gently all over damp cleaned skin and dare to dream bold. Rinse off with warm water. Do you feel an aroma of tender happiness on your skin? Gommage with Salty Sugar and Body Wash Gel are your personal beauty team in a bathroom.

  • Details

    Burnt sugar
    Golden hour. Eclecticism.

    Has scrubbing and relaxing texture along with a color morning coffee filter
    Massages and relaxes wonderfully due to scrubbing particles of smaller and bigger sizes
    Bamboo powder moisturizes
    Rice crumb exfoliates gently
    Dead Sea salt and Sugar improve blood circulation and relieve tension
    Walnut oil cleanses toxins off
    Shea butter nourishes and accelerates skin regeneration
    Macadamia oil increases elasticity
    Grape oil plumps
    Almond oil softens and smoothes
    Inspires you to dance through the night

  • Care

    For sensuous people with all skin types

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