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  • Description

    POWERTOOL GEL FOR MEN. The active foam that quickly transforms from gel effectively cleanses the body from head to toe (literally). Hemp extract stimulates hair growth and tones the skin, guar — a space-worthy component in the world of hygiene products — removes excess static from the body and hair. All other ingredients also effectively fulfill their tasks, but enough reading, it’s time to take a shower and get to work.
    Overall result: a full tank of energy for the achievements of the day.

  • Details

    VATRA journey to the mountains. fire. new car. The tangy evening aroma by the fireplace, a soft leather sofa that has heard the secrets of a dozen generations, deep conversations over a cigar, silence.

    A dense transparent gel with a golden hue.

    Application: lather, apply to hair, body, and face. Rinse under running water. Ready, you can conquer the world like a true victory machine.

  • Care

    For men with all skin types, body, head, and hair.

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